Map. History of Yemen conflict

20 August 2017
AQAP Yemen is still careful to distance itself from acts targeting innocents: new statement yesterday denies any link to 15Aug bomb in Qa'tabah
UN claims that the Saudi Arabia-led coalition continues to kill and maim children
Houthis in Yemen shot down a Saudi Seeker 400 UAV in Najran
Bin Laden's Son, Hamza bin Laden Emerges As New Leader For Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula, Calls For Attacks On US Railways
The group of 12 detained in Yemen capital Sanaa includes @omeisy.
WHO: Yemen cholera cases top 500,000
The Houthi have detained Hisham al- @omeisy , a key voice on the plight of civilians under fire and under siege in Yemen
Islamic State Yemen posts "photo report" of its ongoing ops on al-Zahra front, al-Bayda', incl heavy/medium weapons, B10 artillery, mortars
Yemen: AQAP's Inspire Magazine Publishes The Interview Of AQIM Leader Abu Musab Abdul Wadud
Iran's parliament approved a bill to allocate additional $600 M to Quds force and missile program in response to US sanctions
Yemen Central Bank says that a coalition cell at the Aden airport is hindering the supply of funds
Yemen: Security Services Arrest Terror Rings in Shabwa, Hadhramaut
4 UAE troops passed away in a helicopter crash due to malfunction in Yemen
Coalition forces in Yemen destroyed a militia boat loaded with explosives that was targeting al-Mokha port.
Saudi jets bombed Sana'a, Yemen
Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed UN Special Envoy to Yemen talked with Jaberi Ansari Iran's DFM in Tehran
Air raid on Al Sabaha area in Sanaa by coalition
Saudi air raid on Atan district in Sanaa
Military helicopter belong to UAE forces "fell" on Friday in Arwdha district of Shabwa province in Yemen
Report: UAE helicopter crashed in eastern parts of Yemenn
Pro-AQAP channels are celebrating a coalition helicopter *allegedly* being brought down over Shabwa in Yemen. No official AQAP claim yet.
Staff from IOM found 6 bodies on the beach – 2 male and 4 female. Additional 13 Ethiopian migrants are still missing
Saada: A raid of the Saudi air force on the area of ​​Al-Sawh Directorate of Kataf
AQAP Yemen's al-Malahim releases 1.40min film trailer for Inspire magazine 17. Focus on ops to derail trains and disrupt transport in West
AQAP claims it blew up a Houthi military vehicle used to transport water on Hammat Sarar road in Qayfa area of al-Bayda' Yemen at 11.30
5 dead, 50 missing as smugglers throw 180 migrants into Yemen sea: IOM
Many Yemeni children among casualties in Houthi-Saleh shellings in Taiz, says rights group.
Up to 50 Somali, Ethiopian Migrants Decapturely Drowned by Smugglers off Yemen
Video showing smoke rising from the blown up oil pipeline. Marib Yemen
The reopening of Sana’a Airport is essential to alleviate the suffering of civilian population. Hum Coor J. McGoldrick