Houthis kill Sheikh Akram Zurqah and his son execution style in Hajja city then blew up his house (previous tweet shows video) all because he showed support to Saleh. Photos of execution too graphic to share.

Map. History of Yemen conflict

20 August 2018
A fire ripped through the Iranian embassy in Yemen's capital Sanaa on Sunday after it was attacked during clashes between rival groups. It remains unknown who is responsible for the incident, Xinhua News Agency reports
Media: Republican Gaurd Forces in Taiz shifting against Houthis and supporting citizens to unlock the siege on the city
2:51 am Sanaa time, non- stop clashes in southern part of Sanaa; have lasted for hours in Hadda and political zone Yemen
Al Arabiya sources: Battles intensify in central Sanaa near the home of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh
Ali Mohsen orders troops to push towards Sanaa via Nihm. Its going to be a very rough night in Sanaa
Houthis are blocking the evacuation of @UN staff and INGOs workers from Sanaa Yemen
Huthi fighters patrol a street in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on December 3, 2017, during clashes with supporters of Yemeni ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh. - AFP
Saleh: The Houthi group has starved the people for their personal ambitions and a narrow vision drawn by Iran
Saleh: The country must have been saved from the folly of the Houthi group
Saleh officially announces the cancellation of partnership with the Houthis
UN calls for urgent resumption of entry of commercial goods to Yemen
Arab sources: Hamadan tribes take 20 armed vehicles of the Houthis northwest of Sanaa
Soumar cruise missile in action in Yemen. Copy of the kh-55.
ICRC Yemen: Violent clashes and airstrikes continue in Sana'a, Yemen. Thousands stuck in their homes, with little food or water, too scared to go out for fear of getting shot. Pregnant women can't get to hospital. Situation dire. We repeat: Civilians are not part of the fight.
Yemen: Arab coalition bombs Houthi militia positions in Sana'a airport
Houthis kill Sheikh Akram Zurqah and his son execution style in Hajja city then blew up his house (previous tweet shows video) all because he showed support to Saleh. Photos of execution too graphic to share.
Happening now: Several Saudi-led coalition air strikes across Sanaa against Houthi concentrations in a last bid to help Saleh forces to withstand.
Moment when Houthis launched cruise missile towards UAE
Moment when Houthis launched cruise missile towards UAE
Saleh party forces are approaching the presidential palace in Sanaa
UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs: The situation in Sana'a is vague and this uprising needs support
Houthi militia is withdrawing part of its forces from the fronts in Taiz, Hodeidah, Nahm and Jouf to reinforce its fighters in Sanaa
Heavy fighting in the streets of Sanaa between the Houthi militias and Saleh Party with tanks and thermal missiles
Sky News reports that 200 killed in the battle between Houthis and Salah forces in Sanaa, but rebels gain territory from the former president, according to Reuters
Sources in the Saleh Party deny the party's request for any mediation from Iran or Hezbollah with the Houthi militias
MSF: Al Sabeen, a MSF-supported mother and child hospital in Sanaa, closed yesterday as a result of fighting. It has now partially reopened but many patients still can't get there. Mothers + babies shouldn't have to suffer like this. Yemen
Dead and wounded civilians as a result of clashes between the Saleh forces and Al-Houthi militias in several neighborhoods in Sana'a
This is reportedly the missile that Houthis claimed they fired towards Abu Dhabi. It fell in Jawf area, inside Yemen.
8 month ago
UAE NCEMA : The UAE has an air defense system capable of dealing with any threat of any kind, and AlBarakah reactor project is fully protected and shielded against any threat.
UAE official news agency "Houthis claim is fake"
Houthis break into one of the homes of deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh in the Sanaa
United Arab Emirates' state-run news agency denies claim that Houthi missile targeted Abu Dhabi's nuclear plant
Houthis Spokesman: cruise missile was launched on the nuclear reactor in Baraka, Abu Dhabi
8 month ago
Yemeni missiles Unit announced they launched a missile type Cruise into UAE Barakah nuclear power plant in AbuDhabi nuclear reactors are planned to start operation successively between 2018 and 2020
Yemen's Houthi group fire rocket into Abu Dhabi as regional tensions escalate — Houthi Media.
Houthi militias regain control of Camp 48 and surround the Dabwa camp south of Sana'a
Tank on the street of Sanaa
Houthis exploded Mabkhut al-Mashqqi's house, a GPC leader, in the province of Amran, Sanaa.. Yemen
Pompeo refers to "forty plus missiles fired at Yemen," suggests Iran should pay a price for that.
Situation in Yemen's capital Sana'a seem to be taking an opposite direction to what was happening in the morning, Ansarullah (the Houthis) are reportedly taking back areas they lost earlier in the capital, and it's confirmed that they stormed into Saleh's TV channel
Yemen: fighting has been raging all day in the capital Sanaa between Houthi forces and forces loyal to former president Saleh. Map shared by Yemeni sources claim to show the situation in the city (green = Houthi, blue = pro-Saleh)
Yemen's "legitimate government" calls for unity in the face of Iran's Huthi militias
Protests and clashes in Sanaa between Houthis and Saleh's supporters in Yemen
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