The Arab coalition announces a comprehensive plan for the rapid delivery of humanitarian aid to the city of Hodeidah and surrounding areas

Map. History of Yemen conflict

24 September 2018
The Arab coalition announces a comprehensive plan for the rapid delivery of humanitarian aid to the city of Hodeidah and surrounding areas
Houthis say they foiled a military attack at Durayhami area
Coalition aircraft targets Al Houthis militias at farms near Al Jah, Hodeidah
The Yemeni president calls for a military solution to restore the city of Hodeidah and rescue its population from a humanitarian disaster
Houthi militia retreated to Aden roundabout south of the airport
Arab coalition forces have reached Al Durayhami town near Hodeidah
The United Nations envoy to Yemen calls on the parties to exercise restraint and negotiate
Arab coalition Forces are preparing to attack Hodeidah from more than one front
Raids of the Arab coalition on the gatherings and sites of the Houthis near the port of Hodeidah
Hundreds of armored vehicles and military vehicles are advancing toward Al Hudaydah
14 human rights organizations send a message to Macron about the Saudi coalition attack on Hodeidah
Saudi-led coalition strikes targets near Hodeidah port
Yemen forces launch offensive on key port city: field commanders
Al Arabia correspondent: coalition forces reaches the outskirts of Hodeidah airport
3 month ago
Saudi Arabia Intercepts A Houthi Missile Targeting Jazan
Yemeni army claim hit coalition ship with two missiles on the west coast. Source: Barge prepared for landing troops in Hodeida province.
Save the Children: 300,000 children are stranded in Hodeidah after being targeted by Saudi Arabia and the UAE
Dozens of dead and wounded among the Houthi militias in Hodeidah as a result of raids by the Arab coalition
Houthis has successfully struck a Saudi barge at sea, destroying the vessel
Houthis claim targeting coalition warship off the coast of Hodeidah
UAE army AMX-56 Leclerc and G6 «Rhino in Hodeida province.
Saudi militants and soldiers are 5 km far from Hodeidah's airport.
Saudi helicopters are trying to rescue those soldiers on the warship destroyed by Houthi rebels. The other warships are retreating from Hodeidah's coast.
Houthi destroyed a Saudi warship: it's burning in Hodeidah's port.
Negotiations with Houthi to handover port city Hodeidah failed
A US-Saudi barge and its allies have been targeted by The Yemeni Army and are burning in the open Arabic Sea. Yemen Saudi
Yemen : Saudi coalition announcement – All maritime navigation to Hodeidah port has been banned, and the port is classified as a zone of active military conflict.
"We gave U.N. special envoy Martin Griffiths 48 hours to convince the Houthis to withdraw from the port and city of Hodeidah," UAE minister of state for foreign affairs.
Spokesman for the Yemeni Resistance Brigadier Sadeq Dweid: Joint Resistance Forces and the support of the UAE armed forces have brought military reinforcements to the fronts of Al Durayhami and al-Jeyah fronts.
Large military reinforcement arrived at Yemeni West coast for Hodeidah assault
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