Arab coalition forces entered area of Hodeidah university

Map. History of Yemen conflict

22 September 2018
Arab coalition forces entered area of Hodeidah university
Again today by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes At least 3 people have been killed and a woman wounded in raids by Saudi jets in Kello 16 area of Hodeidah in western Yemen this came hours after other raids that caused the death of 8 people and wounding 10 others in the city.
UAE AGRAB Self-propelled mortar, probably south of Sanaa-Hodeidah road.
Coalition-backed forces enter Hodeidah University and clashes with the militia inside and south of the city
Today's UN statement on Yemen contrasts with yesterday's US statement exonerating actions of the Saudi-led coalition. UN details devastation of recent Hudaydah escalation and notes the humanitarian impact of this conflict is unjustifiable but avoids apportioning direct blame1 week ago
Today's UN statement on Yemen contrasts with yesterday's US statement exonerating actions of the Saudi-led coalition. UN details devastation of recent Hudaydah escalation and notes "the humanitarian impact of this conflict is unjustifiable" but avoids apportioning direct blame
1 week ago
UN Coordinator: If Hodeidah silos are to be destroyed, human cost will be heavy
1 week ago
UN Coordinator: Humanitarian situation in Yemen has been deteriorating rapidly since the collapse of the Geneva talks
1 week ago
Saudi Arabia purchased Iron Dome systems from Israel. According to the report, the deal was mediated by the United States. System will be based along the border with Yemen
Almaliqa brigades at "Kilo 16" area
1 week ago
Oxfam on Pompeo certifying that the Saudis are really trying their best not to kill Yemeni civilians: "The Trump administration is openly defying and lying to Congress. Members of Congress must act to end the United States' complicity in this war."
Mattis says Saudi Arabia and UAE are making 'every effort' to protect civilians in their Yemen war, going even further in his support for Gulf allies than what Pompeo said in his statement.
The columns of smoke rising around 50th Street at the entrance to the city of Al-Hudaydah following the targeting of all the checkpoints.
Saudi and Sudanese army conduct joint counter-guerrilla drills near Yemeni border. Sudanese army participates in protection of Saudi border and fighting in Hajjah and Saada governorates.
U Envoy to Yemen: I will meet Houthi leaders in Sana'a and Muscat
Protests in Mukalla have largely subsided since weekend. Governor says backs their demands but vowed crackdown on protesters who block roads or "abuse" pictures of Saudi-led coalition leaders.
Houthi artillery targeting parking.
Houthi media posted video of artillery strikes on the Yemeni west coast. On the first video Houthi artillery targeting 3 MRAPs and many pickup trucks.
Speaker: Accusation that Houthis are supported by Iran is exaggerated by Western media and Saudi media to justify the Yemen war. Houthis receive limited support from Iran, they rely instead on arms they received from Saleh
Two civilians killed in landmine explosion in Taiz. Yemen
Pro-Hadi forces fighting against Houthis in Hajjah province.
Houthi fighters blew up pro-Hadi forces Oshkosh M-ATV near Jabal Al-Nar, Harad area.
1 week ago
UN: Arab coalition must show transparency in accountability of civilians targeted in Yemen
A citizen was killed by aerial and rocket bombardment on Sa'dah
Captured gun and mortar from Houthis.
Amaliqa brigades advancing SE of Hodeidah city.
A plane targeted a gathering of the terrorist organization in al-Maroun valley in Ahwar district, east of Abyan and resulted in the killing of al-Qaeda leader Ali Shana, aka Sameh al-Marami.
T-Intelligence: US and UAE established a hub for UAV kinetic strikes and HVT ops near Mukalla, Yemen. This skyrocketed the anti-AQAP campaign in the region.
Houthi attack in Durayhimi area. 1 soldier from 3-rd Amaliqa brigade was killed and another from Aden taken prisoner.
UAE army Chief of staff, Lt. General Hamad Mohammed Thani Al-Rumaithi inspected artillery units in Hodeidah province.
2 week ago
Khamenei: The Saudis will definitely fail in Yemen and they will not manage to bring the resistant people of Yemen to their knees.
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