Many airstrikes in Hadda area and Al-Jiraaf area in Sanaa the capital of Yemen

Map. History of Yemen conflict

25 September 2018
Many airstrikes in Hadda area and Al-Jiraaf area in Sanaa the capital of Yemen
3 month ago
UN aid ship attacked 60km off Hodeidah port, Yemen : Shipowner confirms VOS Theia chartered to @WFP was attacked by pirates in the Red Sea. Gunmen on 3 skiffs, exchange of gunfire with onboard security guards, but no injuries or damage.
Clashes west of Aden city. One soldier and a civilian were killed, two soldiers wounded. MRAP was damaged by RPG shot.
The air defense system of Saudi Arabia has intercepted a Houthi-launched ballistic missile over the skies of Yanbu.
Dozens of Houthi militias killed, including field commanders in the bombing of the Arab coalition fighters targeted the weapons stores east of Al-Maghars
The Yemeni Army: Yemen|i Forces has combed AlTuhayta, AlHussainiah and Bayt AlFaqih from Houthis, our forces has deployed to AlMudmen area, also the tribal resistance has captured the coast line, we are far several KMs from Hodeidah city and very close to the airport. News
Saudi soldiers capture Iranian-made Saeghe ATGM in Baqim district, Saada.3 month ago
Saudi soldiers capture Iranian-made Saeghe ATGM in Baqim district, Saada.
Houthi showed destroyed Southern Resistance Oshkosh M-ATV near Halid camp, Taiz.
Yemeni sources: the joint resistance forces advancing in the Al Midman area of Al Tahayta district after clashes with the Houthi militias
CNN: New Pentagon report says "there are credible reports of approximately 499 civilians killed and approximately 169 civilians injured during 2017" as a result of military operations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen
Sky Arabia: Houthi militias withdraw heavy weapons, including rockets, artillery and artillery from the city of Hodeidah to the north
3 month ago
Saudi media: Seven Saudi soldiers killed in clashes on the southern border
Yemen's instability is not just about Houthis vs Coalition. Overnight clashes between Southern Resistance and UAE-back forces in al-Dali' are stark reminder of power struggles INSIDE the South. c.7 dead, many injured. New militias are resurrecting old political/tribal fault-lines
Abu Malek AlHouthi [Youssef AlFishi], The Military Cmmndr of AlMalaheth and Meran sectors, has been wounded by an airstrike by Saudi/UAE led coalition which has targeted a high ranking meeting for Hounthis leaders in Saada. Abu Malek has led attacks on KSA-Yemen borders before.
Fierce clashes around Hodeidah Airport due a heavy attack by the Yemeni Resistance and UAE Armed Forces.
Yemeni government forces are 15 kms away from Hodeidah as fierce battles rage near the airport
Houthi leaders fled from Hodeidah towards Sanaa
Yemeni forces seize control of new sites in the West of Taiz
Turki al-Maliki: National army forces with the support of the Arab coalition are advancing in the province of Hodeidah amid large collapses in the ranks of the Houthis
Al-Maliki: joint efforts with the United Arab Emirates to provide assistance in the island of Socotra
Turki al-Maliki: Houthi militias continue to store and launch ballistic missiles from Saada and Amran
Maliki: a big mess in the ranks of the Houthi militias in Yemen
Major progress for UAE backed Yemen government forces towards Hodeidah. The are 18 KMs (12 miles) south of the city
Report: top commanders of Houthis militias have already left Hodeidah
4 month ago
UN: Around 8.4 million Yemenis face famine
Cyclone tears through Yemeni island Socotra
4 month ago
Yemeni Houthis rocketry forces launch a ballistic missile (Badr 1) onto Jizan port in Saudi
Yemeni sources: 67 al-Houthi militiamen killed in clashes with South resistance and Arab coalition raids on the west coast of Yemen
Pro-Hadi forces received armored Toyota for offensive on Harad town in Hajja province.
Pompeo says precision-guided missiles, as in Yemen, cut risks to civilians
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