19 June 2021
1 year ago
Arab Coalition: Houthis UAVs were intercepted destined for Jazan Airport
1 year ago
Three Saudi soldiers killed in clashes with Houthis at southern border
Notable number of commercial aircrafts destined for both Abha and Jizan Airports in southern Saudi Arabia are either in holding patterns or actually diverting away from the airports that are under attack. No takeoffs or landings at either airports.
A 2nd drone strike at Abha Airport, reportedly with a Qasef-2
1 year ago
Al Arabiya: Traffic at Jazan airport is normal after Houthis attempt to target it with projectile
Several explosions reported at Abha Airport
Attack with Qassef-2K UAVs is now targeting Abha International airport
1 year ago
Houthi military spokesman: Targeting of the military positions at Jazan airport led to the disruption of air traffic
1 year ago
Houthis claimed attack with Qassef-2K UAVs on Jizan airport in Saudi Arabia
1 year ago
Khamenei: Among major mistakes is that they say do not politicize hajj. Creating unity is a political matter. Supporting and defending the oppressed in the World of Islam, like the Palestinian and Yemeni nations, is a political matter, exactly based on Islamic teachings and an obligation.
Houthi military spokesman: New rockets and UAVs will soon enter our military operations
Houthi military spokesman: Our operations continue to target military facilities
Several accounts on Twitter confirm the closure of Jeddah airport and the transfer of some of the trips to Taif and the flight of military aircraft in place
Jeddah airport closed airport and transfer all the flights to other airports for security reasons
Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia tightens security measures after attacks on oil facilities
Arab coalition: Houthis UAV launched from Sanaa towards Saudi Arabia was shot down
Saudi Arabia says it intercepted two drones launched by Yemen's Iranian-backed Houthi rebels targeting the kingdom.
Fighters of the Arab coalition bombing military positions of the Houthi militias west of the Yemeni province of Dali
1 year ago
Attacks on Saudi Arabia oil pipeline launched from Iraq not Yemen - US officials.
Reuters: The UAE pulled some troops out of the southern port of Aden and the west coast of Yemen
Acting US Secretary of Defense: We will confront Iran's provocative behavior in the region
AQAP claims to have killed 7 IS members by "sniping" at various positions in Qayfah, an IED killing 2 other IS members at "Hammat Awajah" and denying being targeted by IS at Humaydah
1 year ago
Arab Coalition reports another Houthis UAV was dropped over Yemen on the way towards Saudi Arabia
Germany's envoy to the Security Council: Iran's transfer of missiles to the Houthis in Yemen violates Security Council resolutions
1 year ago
Two Saudi soldiers were killed in clashes with Houthis at Southern border
1 year ago
UAE Foreign Minister: We hope an end to the war in Yemen and the beginning of a broad political process
1 year ago
Khamenei: If you surrender to them, you're done. And if you don't accept it, they will keep fussing about human rights excuses. American human right. They shoot down 300 people on board a plane, help Saudis to bomb Yemenis in bazaars, celebrations and hospitals.
1 year ago
Houthis report ballistic missile attack on military camp in Jizan
1 year ago
Houthis announce targeting of the Saudi army with a ballistic missile at Camp Akefah in Najran
1 year ago
The Arab Coalition: Houthis UAV was intercepted on the way towards residential area of Khamis Mushait
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