Map. History of Yemen conflict

19 February 2018
Houthi ATGM strike hit pro-Hadi forces vehicle in Marib province.
Commander of the Houthi militias Abu Badr Zarah was killed in a battle in north of Al-Jouf province
Commander of the Huthi Mohsen Mohammed Gharibi was killed among 35 members of the militias in Al-Jouf
Houthis have taken control of a number of areas in the al-Shaf directorate of Yemen
Saudi air raid kills seven members of one family in Yemen's Jawf province
The UAE has deployed at least one M109 155mm self-propelled howitzer and a M-ATV Oshkosh to Yemen, a photo published today by @adenalghad suggests. Convoy is reportedly driving from Al Anad Air Base to Aden.1 week ago
The UAE has deployed at least one M109 155mm self-propelled howitzer and a M-ATV Oshkosh to Yemen, a photo published today by @adenalghad suggests. Convoy is reportedly driving from Al Anad Air Base to Aden.
Mattis refused McMaster's request to provide military options for striking Iranian ships
A human rights activist was killed by a member of the "National Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations in Yemen" in Taiz
1 week ago
The infrastructures and innocent people of Yemen are being bombarded by U.S. allies and U.S. weapons on a daily basis, but the U.S. govt. voices no objection; while they despicably show a few iron scraps to make baseless claims that Iran sends missiles.
1 week ago
Backing the 70 years of oppression against the people of Palestine, supporting the massacre and oppression of the people of Yemen are clear examples of the U.S.'s tyranny.
Iran: Nuclear agreement with major powers does not cover our regional activities
Islamic State Claims Killing A Houthi Fighter With Sniper Fire On Mt. 'Alib In Qayfah NW Of Bayda.
A reported U.S. airstrike targeted AQAP militants in al Sawma'a district, al Bayda governorate, central Yemen on 07 FEB according to local news sources. Al Sawma'a district is a common location for U.S. airstrikes against AQAP.
1 week ago
U.S. Central Command: US forces launched 18 airstrikes in Yemen in Dec/Jan against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and ISIS. Two AQAP leaders killed. US launched 120 airstrikes in Yemen last year, 3x more than in 2016
UN spokesman says nearly 47,000 people have fled to Aden to escape escalating conflict in Yemeni cities of Taiz and Hodeidah
Pro-Hadi forces lost another Streit Group Cougar in Nihm district. Sanaa.
Six Huthi rebels including a commander were killed, in clashes with Yemeni government forces in Taiz
Yemen Hadi government has issued a call for STC/SRF to be sanctioned for role in "failed coup" in Aden
Houthi hit Saudi army M-60 tank in Najran.1 week ago
Houthi hit Saudi army M-60 tank in Najran.
At least six civilians killed and seven others wounded in Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen's Sa'dah province.
The Arab Alliance: Iran supplied the Houthi militias with weapons to target international shipping in the Straits of Bab al-Mandab
1 week ago
Yemeni Coalition: We targeted a boat that was a threat to international navigation
Arab Coalition: 180 liters of diesel fuel have been sent to Yemen to ensure the continued operation of hospitals
Yemeni coalition: We found a response from all parties in # Aden to restore stability to the interim capital
Houthi artillery in Kirsh district, Lahij province.
The Yemeni army(pro-Hadi) enters the city of Hays to control the second district in Hodeidah
Houthis forces fire ballistic missile on S Arabia's King Faisal military base in Asir region
Report: Several killed, wounded in Saudi air strikes on state building in Yemeni capital
Yemeni government: coupists attacked the presidential protection brigade, which caused dozens of dead and wounded
The Yemeni government: What the rebels did in Aden is a coup attempt and a departure from the goal of establishing the coalition