Map. History of Yemen conflict

21 September 2018
The National Army controls the center of a distribution in Taiz province and push out the Houthi militia
Houthi militias retreat from positions in western Taiz after cutting off the reinforcements coming from the front of Al-Barah
Another round of bombing Yemen capital Sana'a just started. Two huge blasts just heard somewhere in the city.
Saudi coalition planes target Sanaa International Airport and points north and west of Sanaa
Meeting @HadiPresident of Yemen in Riyadh with Dutch foreign parliamentary commission @BuZaTweedekamer @MinBZ
4 month ago
Saudi air defense forces intercept and destroy a ballistic missile fired towards Jazan
Saudi TV: Saudi air defense system intercepted ballistic missile over the sky's of Saudi capital Riyadh
Saudi Arabia: Air defense forces intercept a ballistic missile in the skies of Riyadh
Four loud booms heard in Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh - Reuters witnesses
The national resistance(and coalition) led by Brigadier General Tariq Saleh are preparing for the large-scale military operation to capture al-Hudaydah and the rest of Yemen's western coast
The national resistance call on those who are in the ranks of the Houthis militia to leave the fighting and return to their homes
National Resistance and the Amalek brigades and the Tigris Resistance: the liberation of Hodeidah will cut Iran's way to the region and will secure international navigation
The National Resistance and the Amalek brigades and the Tigris Resistance declare that they are under the command of a joint operations room supported by the entire Arab coalition forces
Yemeni national Resistance: the supply of Houthi was cut off in Hudaydah
Macron: We will work collectively on a broader framework, covering nuclear activity, the post-2025 period, ballistic activity, and stability in the Middle-East, notably Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.
Brigadier General Tariq Mohammed Saleh declares that his forces have entirely controlled al-Barh town, west of Taiz city, following fierce battles that inflicted heavy causalities on the Houthi ranks.
The Yemeni parties: The occupation of the port and airport of Socotra by the UAE forces violates the national sovereignty of Yemen
Destroyed Southern Resistance Oshkosh M-ATV near Hays town, Hodeida.
Mass exodus and major collapses among Houthi militias in al-Barah, west of Taiz
"Giants brigades" supported by the UAE Armed Forces are advancing towards the city of Al-Barah in the western coast of Yemen
Saudi-led coalition spokesperson Turki Al-Maliki: Coalition aircraft targeted senior Houthi leaders today
Maliki: Iranian Houthi militias stopped 17 ships carrying aid
Yemeni military sources: the killing of 18 Houthi militias in raids by Arab coalition fighters in the province of Al Bayda
Pro-Hadi and Tarik Affash forces evacuate vehicles in Taiz province.
At least 6 killed, 30+ injured in a new round of Saudi-led coalition airstrikes targeting the Houthi-held Yemen's capital Sanaa after the interception of 2 Houthi-launched ballistic targeting southern Saudi Arabia
Six killed, 30 injured in 2 Saudi-led airstrikes targeting Yemeni presidential office – local source
Yemeni sources confirm that the leader of the rebel militias Mohammed Ali al-Houthi and the so-called Supreme Political Council Mahdi Mashat were at the president palace in Saana during coalition raid
Arab coalition planes targeting the Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Yemen in the middle of # Sana'a
Houthi attack in Saudi Jizan. At least one Sudanese soldier was killed.4 month ago
Houthi attack in Saudi Jizan. At least one Sudanese soldier was killed.
Houthi capture Sudanese soldier passport in Asir border4 month ago
Houthi capture Sudanese soldier passport in Asir border
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