Map. History of Yemen conflict

23 September 2018
1 week ago
UN: Arab coalition must show transparency in accountability of civilians targeted in Yemen
A citizen was killed by aerial and rocket bombardment on Sa'dah
Captured gun and mortar from Houthis.
Amaliqa brigades advancing SE of Hodeidah city.
A plane targeted a gathering of the terrorist organization in al-Maroun valley in Ahwar district, east of Abyan and resulted in the killing of al-Qaeda leader Ali Shana, aka Sameh al-Marami.
T-Intelligence: US and UAE established a hub for UAV kinetic strikes and HVT ops near Mukalla, Yemen. This skyrocketed the anti-AQAP campaign in the region.
Houthi attack in Durayhimi area. 1 soldier from 3-rd Amaliqa brigade was killed and another from Aden taken prisoner.
UAE army Chief of staff, Lt. General Hamad Mohammed Thani Al-Rumaithi inspected artillery units in Hodeidah province.
2 week ago
Khamenei: The Saudis will definitely fail in Yemen and they will not manage to bring the resistant people of Yemen to their knees.
2 week ago
Khamenei: The heartbreaking conditions of the people of Yemen and their massacre by the Saudis entail an occasion for Russia to play a political role in other issues of the region.
2 week ago
Yemen's foreign minister(Hadi cabinet) slammed a UN envoy for "appeasing" Huthi rebels by not squarely blaming them for the failure of peace talks in Geneva
5 civilians killed, including 3 women, in Arab coalition strike west of Marib
Commander of the third Amaliqa brigade Abdulmalik Shamairi and 5 fighters were killed in Durayhimi front yesterday. Battalion Commander Sheikh Jamil Al-Qamri injured.
Hadi supporters in Aden. Some of them with South Yemeni flags.
Geneva: Griffith: The first medical evacuation from Sana'a, which begins within a week, was agreed to a flight to Cairo
2 week ago
Yemen pro-Hadi delegation to leave Geneva on Saturday after long-awaited 'UN-sponsored peace talks put on hold for 3 days
2 week ago
UN envoy to Yemen on Geneva consultations: We simply have not achieved any success
UAE-backed Amaliqa brigades launch operation to capture Hodeidah city.
2 week ago
The Yemeni army intercepted a booby-trapped Houthi vessel in the Red Sea international waters
Houthi ATGM strike hit pro-Hadi forces vehicle in Baqim district of Saada.2 week ago
Houthi ATGM strike hit pro-Hadi forces vehicle in Baqim district of Saada.
2 week ago
Griffith: We continue to work to ensure the presence of the Houthis of Geneva
Yemen Houthi fighters claim to have hit Saudi Arabia M2 Bradley in Najran province2 week ago
Yemen Houthi fighters claim to have hit Saudi Arabia M2 Bradley in Najran province
2 week ago
UN envoy: No meetings tomorrow on Yemen in Geneva
Houthis launched 2 Badr-1 missiles on Jizan regional airport
2 week ago
Yemeni gov't gives Houthi representatives 24 hours to arrive in Geneva for peace talks.
Maliki: The coalition supports efforts at the political level in Yemen
Houthi ATGM strike hit Saudi army M2 Bradley in Najran province.
Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Ahmed Al-Sawadi, commander in 203-rd so-called "Falcon brigade", was killed while fighting with Houthi forces in Marib province. He was nephew of Brigadier General Mohammed Ghaleb Al-Sawadi.
15 Houthis Killed in Ambush in Yemen's Saada
2 week ago
Saudi media: 23 people injured by shrapnel of a ballistic missile fired by the Houthis on Najran
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