Map. History of Yemen conflict

24 September 2018
Houthi Repulsed Pro-Hadi Forces Attack In Sabrin District, Jawf.
Houthi ATGM strike hit Southern Resistance vehicle near Hays town, Hodeida.
VIDEO: Saudi-led coalition airstrikes carried out over the last week against Houthi militia positions in support to the Yemeni National Army operations to restore legitimacy.
Guterech: Intensive negotiations on the situation in Hodeidah. I hope we can avoid a battle there
Pompeo just put out a statement about Hodeidah.
Saudi and Emirati airstrikes have hit this morning @MSF's Cholera Treatment Center in Abs, Yemen.
Médecins Sans Frontières: The Saudi-led military alliance targeted one of our centers in Hajjah, Yemen
Médecins Sans Frontières: The Saudi-led military alliance targeted one of our centers in Yemen
Houthi militias are carrying out a campaign of arrests of their fighters fleeing the West Coast Front
UN launches urgent effort to avert UAE assault on key Yemen port as US reluctantly moves towards backing what aid groups say could be devastating operation
[email protected] warns 250,000 people could die in Yemen's port city of Hudaida.
3 month ago
Coalition Spokesperson Colonel Turki Al Malki said that at 2:55 local time, the southern Region Operations Center announced that Iranian-backed Houthi militias targeted civilians with a projectile, which resulted in the death of two civilians in Jazan
Houthi fighters and security forces in Hodeida city.
Captured Nimr MRAP on the Al-Quds rally in Hodeida.
Journalist Anwar Al-Rukn. Anwar died of torture two days after he was released from a Houthi prison in Taiz in which he remained for a year. Yemen
EAF F-16 Fighter jet with the orange/gray camouflage spotted in King Fahd Air Base within the Saudi-led coalition Air Forces that participate in the ops in Yemen .
Houthi fighters in clashes against pro-Hadi forces, captured positions and military base in Al-Matun.
Yemen military asked civilians to evacuate densely populated Al-Motoon district in Al-Jawf governorate. It designated the district as an "enemy zone" that is legitimate target to airstrikes and shelling as of last night.
Arab coalition jets and artillery destroy the reinforcements and fortifications of Al-Houthi militias in the departments of Beit al-Faqih and Darihami south of Hodeidah with the participation and support of the UAE Armed Forces
Yemen Battle about control of port city Hodeida launched
Many airstrikes in Hadda area and Al-Jiraaf area in Sanaa the capital of Yemen
3 month ago
UN aid ship attacked 60km off Hodeidah port, Yemen : Shipowner confirms VOS Theia chartered to @WFP was attacked by pirates in the Red Sea. Gunmen on 3 skiffs, exchange of gunfire with onboard security guards, but no injuries or damage.
Clashes west of Aden city. One soldier and a civilian were killed, two soldiers wounded. MRAP was damaged by RPG shot.
The air defense system of Saudi Arabia has intercepted a Houthi-launched ballistic missile over the skies of Yanbu.
Dozens of Houthi militias killed, including field commanders in the bombing of the Arab coalition fighters targeted the weapons stores east of Al-Maghars
The Yemeni Army: Yemen|i Forces has combed AlTuhayta, AlHussainiah and Bayt AlFaqih from Houthis, our forces has deployed to AlMudmen area, also the tribal resistance has captured the coast line, we are far several KMs from Hodeidah city and very close to the airport. News
Saudi soldiers capture Iranian-made Saeghe ATGM in Baqim district, Saada.3 month ago
Saudi soldiers capture Iranian-made Saeghe ATGM in Baqim district, Saada.
Houthi showed destroyed Southern Resistance Oshkosh M-ATV near Halid camp, Taiz.
Yemeni sources: the joint resistance forces advancing in the Al Midman area of Al Tahayta district after clashes with the Houthi militias
CNN: New Pentagon report says "there are credible reports of approximately 499 civilians killed and approximately 169 civilians injured during 2017" as a result of military operations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen
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