25 September 2021
2 year ago
Saudi ship banned from loading arms shipment in France arrives at Santander Port in Spain
Hodeidah: violent clashes continued for two hours at the entrance to the city of Hodeidah from the east and near the city of al-Saleh between the coalition and Houthis
Moment when Southern Resistance has destroyed Houthis BMP in Hamra near Qatabah
Coalition destroyed a militia kit in the ring road north of Qatuba.
At the dawn of the day, the coalition forces destroyed heavy ammunition ammunition in the north of Qataba. A heavy truck with heavy ammunition was hit between the fortifications and Tuba. The target was to burn the truck and detonate all the ammunition belonging to the militia.
The advance of the Yemeni army in Qatuba and the intensification of the battles of Zaher al-Bayda
Southern forces target a truck with ammunition in the north of the Qatubah with ATGM
A citizen was injured in a raid by Saudi aircraft in Saada
Huthis is in full control of Qaatabah city in Ad Dali after heavy clashes
Killed and wounded by an explosive device in the city of Aden
2 year ago
Coalition airplanes hit Naqil al-Shem and the Southern ground forces are carrying out a surprise attack on al-Houthi militias and their neighboring areas.
2 year ago
Coalition forces set up an ambush Naqel Shem on Saturday, killing scores of militia members and the rest fled
Coalition forces tightened its grip on the departments of Safra and Baqam before the withdrawal of the Houthis
Governor of Hodeidah: If the United Nations does not intervene in the redeployment of the Houthi militia in the province within hours, the state will have a harsh response
A massive ATGMs attack by Houthis targeting KSA tractors in Jizan - the vehicles is totally uncovered by any securing force2 year ago
A massive ATGMs attack by Houthis targeting KSA tractors in Jizan - the vehicles is totally uncovered by any securing force
Yemen's Houthis to withdraw from Hodeidah: UN
Houthis operations in Jizan2 year ago
Houthis operations in Jizan
Houthis operations near Al Sudes mountain Najran2 year ago
Houthis operations near Al Sudes mountain Najran
2 year ago
Coalition fighters targeting Houthi positions in the vicinity of the center of the Kataf Directorate in Saada
35 Houthis killed and 15 wounded in battles with the coalition forces in Ad Dali
US Senate fails to reverse Trump's decision to support Arab coalition operations in Yemen
Yemen: IS fired RPG against AQAP positions in al-Humaydah Qayfah
Fighters of the Arab Coalition targeting the positions of the Houthi militias at the Dilmi Air base and the vicinity of Sanaa airport north of the Yemeni capital
2 year ago
Khamenei: With the 2030 agenda they want us to train soldiers for Britain, U.S. and the rest of those well-dressed, perfumed savages: those who murder humans and help murderers in cold blood. They know what's happening in Yemen, yet they say "we support Saudis because we need their money."
2 year ago
Houthi forces launched several Zilzal-1 missiles towards the Saudi Army's Akfeh military camp in the Najran province.
2 year ago
The UAE-backed Giants Brigade has begun a new operation alongside Hamiqan tribesmen in the Al-Bayda Governorate. They are fighting Al-Qaeda at one end and the Houthi forces at the other.
Houthis control new areas in AdDali 'south of Yemen and large population displacements ongoing
Pompeo: Iran exports sophisticated weapons to Houthis
Pompeo: Houthis continue to breach Stockholm agreement
Houthis operations in Qataba Dhale2 year ago
Houthis operations in Qataba Dhale
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