Map. History of Yemen conflict

21 September 2018
Rain sinks areas and wide streets in the Yemeni capital Sanaa Yemen
22 brigade found mass grave of dead soldiers who were killed by Abu Abbas militants.
5 dead, including women and children in coalition strike on Al Sadat village in West Yemen
Massive casualties among forces storming Durayhami in Hodeidah district in last 72 hours
Nasrallah: The plan against Syria, Iraq, sanctions against Iran (to crumble), Yemen all failed. O' honorable people of Yemen, please know that those who killed your Children and women, also killed our people in Beirut and you too will be victorious like our people in Lebanon
1 month ago
Yemeni snipers shoot dead 3 Saudi troops in Jizan
Ministry of Health in Sana'a: Dozens of dead and wounded, mostly children and women, bombed by the Saudi alliance on Durahmi south of Hodeidah
1 month ago
Explosion in Aden targets convoy of governor of Yemen's Taiz province - Eye witnesses
Destroyed Abu Abbas brigade Al-Shibl 2 armored vehicles in Taiz.
Forty children were among 51 people killed in a Saudi-led coalition air strike last week on a bus in rebel-held northern Yemen, the Red Cross says, raising the child toll from at least 29
Mistaken coalition air strike hit Amaliqa division positions in Durayhimi area.
1 month ago
Khamenei: Last week Saudis committed two crimes against Yemen: invasion of a hospital and a school bus with 40 to 50 innocent children on board. Do you have 8 to 9 year-olds at home? Do you feel what a dramatic tragedy it can be? It shakes ones heart.
Two citizens were killed and five others were injured in the coalition air raids on Harf Sufian, Amran Governorate.
More footage with UAE army convoy on the west coast.
Houthi ATGM strike hit Oshkosh M-ATV in Waziyah district of Taiz province.
The US military has conducted 33 airstrikes in Yemen so far in 2018 (17 in Al Bayda, 12 in Hadramawt and 4 in Shabwah) targeting Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Compares to 131 airstrikes in 2017 and 21 airstrikes in 2016
UAE: Al-Qaeda attacks have dropped dramatically in Yemen since the start of Arab alliance operations
Gargash: Houthi militias do not operate independently of Iran
Gargash: Houthi militias targeted Saudi oil tankers after threats by the Iranian President to close the Strait of Hormuz
Anwar Gargash: The Arab Alliance is interested in the humanitarian situation in Yemen and seeks to ease the burden of war
1 month ago
Saudi air defense intercepts a ballistic missile fired by the Houthi militias from Yemen towards Najran
Houthis Rockets Kill Dozens of Saudi-Backed Militants in Jawf
Western coast: More good shots and downed Houthi UAV.
Amaliqa division continues offensive towards Durayhimi town, after the last failure attack, despite UAE announced Zabid offensive a week ago.
Conference in Riyadh on the terms of the political solution in Yemen
Houthi forces destroyed Amaliqa division MRAP Caiman in Tuhayta town area.
The killing of about 60 of the Houthi militias in confrontations with the Yemeni resistance and the joint bombing of the coalition in the center of Drehami province Hodeidah
Saudi-led ??Coalition's Joint Incident Assessment Team said the bombing of Taiz market that killed 54 civilians on Dec 26, 2017 took place after Houthi rebels indiscriminately shelled a nearby Yemen village causing civilian casualties and forcing families to flee.
22-th brigade showed Al-Qaeda graffiti and posters in captured areas from Abu-Abbas.
Pro-Islah/Hadi soldiers shelled Abu-Abbas districts of Taiz with tanks and mortars. Some people killed and wounded. Fighting continues, 22-th brigade attacked Abu Abbas and 35-th brigade again.
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