Map. History of Yemen conflict

21 September 2018
Apache helicopters flying over Hodeidah airport targeting onground aims
Al-Houthi militias carry out suicide bombing operations inside the airport
The Commander-in-Chief of the West Coast Front of Arab coalition announces the control of the Hodeidah airport
General Commander of the West Coast Front: Our forces are pursuing the remaining pockets of the Houthis at the airport of Al-Hudaydah
Arab coalition forces begins the assault on Hodeidah airport
Rouhani to Emir of Qatar: Attack Saudi Arabia and the UAE on Hodeidah will lead to a humanitarian disaster
Launch of $93M Huawei-installed AdenNet ISP and 4G services this week will transfer control of Yemen's internet access architecture from Houthi-run capital Sanaa to temp capital Aden city.
Houthis military preperation, blocking the way to the port and the airport
Yemeni forces backed the Saudi-led coalition deploy more troops to the vicinity of Hodiedah airport in a bid to storm and recapture the airport .Yemen
3 month ago
Houthi missile fired from Yemen has struck a Pakistani and injured him. The missile landed in a remote area of Jazan, Saudi Arabia
Yemen rebels must withdraw 'unconditionally' from Hodeida: UAE
Senior UAE official says still hopes UN envoy can convince Houthis to cede control of Yemen's Hodeidah port
Gargash: We appreciate France's announcement that it will help demining in Hodeidah
Gargash: The liberation of Hodeidah is a major entrance to capture Sana'a
Gargash: Full control of Hodeidah for the coalition is a matter of time
Houthi fighters captured several mountains in Lahj governorate.
3 month ago
Coalition: Pakistani citizen was wounded in the fall of a rocket fired by the Houthis on Jazan
The Houthis have blocked the road leading to Kilo 16, near the Facility of the Passports Authority in Hodeidah, as they dig trenches on the main street. This comes as the Joint Forces advance to capture the port city.
Houthi ATGM strikes on the west coast.
UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash: The Arab Alliance has adopted a deliberate and responsible approach to protect civilians and ensure the flow of humanitarian aid in Yemen
Houthi attacking Southern Resistance soldiers near Al-Jah, Hodeida.
Southern Resistance shot down Houthi UAV in Hodeida province.
Official Houthi media center video from Hodeid airport.
Sky News Arabia is reporting that 390 Houthis have been killed and over 600 injured since the start of the Hodeida operations. Yemen
Houthi video from Hodeida airport area.
'It's a matter of time until Arab coalition forces retake Hodeidah airport,' Al Arabiya correspondent cites military sources as saying
Al-Arabiya reporter: Arab coalition forces managed to clear large areas of Houthi pockets
On Hodeida, @NRC_Egeland says: "We must have one collective message from all UN and NGO agencies: The UAE/Saudi-led attack on Hodeida must stop. UN must take over port from Houthis. UN envoy must get time to lead peace talks. Is US, UK and French diplomacy asleep?"
Southern Resistance near Hodeida airport.
Houthi raid to the Aledin junction on the west coast. Several Southern Resistance soldiers were killed.
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