Map. History of Yemen conflict

22 September 2018
Al-Jubeir: Al-Houthi militias bear responsibility for the humanitarian situation in Yemen
This is completely incorrect to say that our military troops are being sent to get involved in the Yemen war: Pakistani Defence Minister Khurram Dastagir Khan
7 month ago
UK Foreign Office calls on Iran to stop the activities in the conflict in Yemen
11 Houthi fighters killed by coalition raid at Tahita in the West Coast Front
Yemeni Ministry of Defense: Army and Houthis are still besieging UAE forces and Hadi forces trying to lift the siege
Huthis 12 UAE soldiers were killed, including officers, 4 armored vehicles and 4 vehicles of Hadi forces south east of Taiz
Yemen: IS increases its attacks against Houthis. Claims killing 5 Houthis fighters
Yemeni forces led by Ansarullah kill 4 UAE soldiers, destroy 6 vehicles for invading forces at Mawza crossing, Taiz Governorate.
The red is ISIS territory.  The black is Iranian. As ISIS compresses Iran get more foothold7 month ago
The red is ISIS territory. The black is Iranian. "As ISIS compresses Iran get more foothold"
The Arab coalition forces begin operation with the support of the UAE forces (Operation al-Faisal) in Wadi al-Messini in Hadhramaut to clear it from the pockets of Al Qaeda
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Silence on Yemen continues. We are limited voices which are calling out the oppression there is being silenced but we will not
7 month ago
Houthi attack Saudi troops in Najran region killing at least one soldier Yemen
7 month ago
Yemeni snipers kill five Saudi soldiers in Kingdom's Jizan region
Eight Houthi militiamen killed were working on the ballistic missile platform near Hudaydah Airport
DNI Coats to Congress: War in Yemen will worsen where already 70% of the population is at risk and/or confronting a humanitarian crisis. Highest number of displaced people since WWII
Yemeni military sources: dozens of dead and wounded of Houthi militias in raids of the Arab coalition on the fronts of Harad and Midi in the province of Hajjah
Taiz's militants installed the body of the destroyed Oshkosh M-ATV on another Oshkosh.
Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen to Sign Agreements with WHO to Fight Cholera
Taiz's militants in clashes against Houthi.
At least seven civilians killed and one injured in new Saudi-led airstrike on Yemen's southwestern province of Taiz. Casualties feared to rise.
Raids of the Arab alliance aimed at reinforcements of the Houthi militias west of the Directorate of Nata in the province of Baidah Yemen
Houthi in clashes against pro-Hadi forces in Aleb district, Saada. At least one Streit Group Cougar was damaged.
Fierce battles in the eastern part of the city of Taiz and heard the sound of explosions rocking the area
Yemeni army announced the killing of 17 gunmen from the Houthi militias and wounding eight others north of the province of Dali
7 month ago
The Houthis claim they destroyed a Saudi Patriot pac3 in a SEAD operation
Houthi ATGM strike hit pro-Hadi forces vehicle in Marib province.
Commander of the Houthi militias Abu Badr Zarah was killed in a battle in north of Al-Jouf province
Commander of the Huthi Mohsen Mohammed Gharibi was killed among 35 members of the militias in Al-Jouf
Houthis have taken control of a number of areas in the al-Shaf directorate of Yemen
Saudi air raid kills seven members of one family in Yemen's Jawf province
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