Map. History of Yemen conflict

23 September 2018
Yemen's Houthis deployed additional forces in the main port city of Hodeidah on Sunday as a Saudi-led military coalition moved closer to the city center in the largest offensive of the war
Saudi army Abrams inside Saada province in Baqim district.
Saudi soldier target Houthi vehicle with South Korean ATGM in Baqim district.
Sudanese soldiers in Hodeida province.
Houthi burned all the abandoned MRAPs in Al-Durayhimi district, Hodeida.
ISIS terrorist Hamza Al-Adani killed by Houthi in Bayda.
Pictures from the mountain and trophies. Pro-Hadi forces are trying to cut off Houthi supply lines between Al-Buka and Jawf.
Houthi forces captured Jabal Al-Qahrt in Al-Ajashr district, Jawf-Saada border.3 month ago
Houthi forces captured Jabal Al-Qahrt in Al-Ajashr district, Jawf-Saada border.
Video: Al-Huthi militia fired a barrage of Katyusha rockets from the center of the city of Hodeidah towards the village of Al Manzar South to Hodeidah airport
Arab coalitions spokesman Colonel Turki al-Maliki from Brussels: We are working on distributing aid throughout Yemen without discrimination
Maliki: the liberation of Hodeidah will secure navigation in international corridors
Maliki: Coalition continues to work to restore Yemeni legitimacy
Maliki: Operations in Saada has made progress and many gains on the ground
Pro-Hadi forced captured Houthi BMP-2 in Al-Matun district, Jawf.
Houthi trophies after raid on pro-Hadi forces positions in Jizan, including Multiple Grenade Launcher, very rare in this war.3 month ago
Houthi trophies after raid on pro-Hadi forces positions in Jizan, including Multiple Grenade Launcher, very rare in this war.
Houthi claim used captured MRAPs (MaxxPro and Nimr Ajban) in raids on the west coast yesterday.
UN: Hundreds of thousands of civilians remain at high risk in the Yemeni city of Hodeidah
Coalition forces shot down Houthi UAV in Hodeida airport area.
4th destroyed MaxxPro near Hodeidah airport
Houthi ATGM strike hit MaxxPro MRAP.
Houthi video showed destruction of many coalition MRAPs and vehicles in Hodeida airport area.
Houthis shot down recon aircraft over Zaher in Saada.
Iran's navy has sent a destroyer and a replenishment ship to the Gulf of Aden following "the intensification of conflict in Hudaydah" in Yemen, Tasnim news agency reports.
Hudaydah Airport still with Houthis
3 month ago
Khamenei: A few govts stand against people of Yemen to take away their port-which is a way out for oppressed Yemenis. They kill people with no hesitation. They're inherently brutal. They try to sabotage Islamic Republic because it seeks justice, advocates for Islam, andsupports the oppressed.
Houthi militia leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi accuses USA, Saudi and UAE of trying to take over Yemen in their latest push to capture Hodeidah port, "the real objective from the war on Yemen is to control all the ports, the islands, the Bab Al-Madib strait, real occupation"
Arab Coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki: No civilian casualties in battle to capture Yemen's Hodeidah airport
Arab Coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki: Major developments in Yemen's Hodeidah battlefront after liberation of airport
UAE presents evidence of Iran weapon links to Yemen's Houthi militia. Weapons included UAVs, anti-tank missiles, rockets, drones, scud missile fuel tanks and improvised landmines
Defense Minister said Malaysia to review and withdraw the stationing of Malaysian troops in Saudi Arabia purportedly on standby to evacuate Malaysians in Yemen .Def.Min.Sabu said presence of the troops caused Malaysia to be indirectly dragged into conflict in Middle East
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