Map. History of Yemen conflict

14 May 2021
1 year ago
Houthis: foiled an attack by the Saudi army off Mount Qais in Jizan
1 year ago
Houthis claimed seizure of 3 positions of Arab coalition-backed forces and the burning of a Bradley vehicle with ATGM during the offensive operation off al-Sudais
1 year ago
Colonel al-Maliki: We are working with the elders of Al-Thabet to transfer the wounded in Houthi bombing to Jazan
Al-Maliki: Al-Houthi targeted Al-Thabit for support of legitimate government
Yemeni Information Minister: Houthi militias committed a heinous massacre of civilians by shelling the market in Saada
1 year ago
Houthi TV reported at least 13 civilians were killed and 23 others were injured in Arab coalition raid targeting a village market in Thabet in the Kataber district, in Saada province in northern Yemen
1 year ago
Houthis Minister of Health: There are more than 10 serious cases among the wounded of the Saudi bombing on the Al-Thabet market in the Directorate of Katabar. There are a number of unidentified bodies
1 year ago
Arab coalition reportedly Al-Thabet market in the Directorate of Qatabar in Saada
Pompeo: The Iranians and the Houthis should decide if they continue to block the solution in Yemen
Pompeo: Previous US administration decisions have allowed Iran and its militias to expand in the region
1 year ago
Houthis targeted coalition troops carrier with IED at Al Muhashimuh frontline in Al Shaef
1 year ago
Houthis claim targeting Taibah camp of Saudi army in Najran with Zalzal 1 ballistic missile
1 year ago
Houthis claimed launch of a Badr F ballistic missile on the Saudi Army compound in the area west of Asir
1 year ago
An air raid on the house of Ali Hussein Sari in the city of Huth without casualties
1 year ago
Arab coalition regains stratefic areas in the east of Kataf in Saada province
Houthis: an attack by UAVs targeting important sites at the Abha airport and lead to the disruption of air navigation
Spokesman of the Houthi Brig. Gen. Yahia Saree: our forces carried 15 airstrikes in last 12 hours
Houthis claim large-scale Qasef-2K UAVs attack on Abha International airport
Houthis report 3 missile were fired towards Najran1 year ago
Houthis report 3 missile were fired towards Najran
1 year ago
Turki al-Maliki: The Arab coalition is dealing firmly with launch sites of Houthis UAVs
1 year ago
Spokesman of Arab coalition: Arab Coalition foils Houthi attempt to target Saudi city of Najran
Turki al-Maliki: Al-Houthi militias practice extrajudicial killings
Spokesman for the Arab Coalition: The coalition seeks to eliminate the terrorism practiced by the Houthi militias
1 year ago
Saudi Arabia intercepted Houthis UAV at Najran
Civilians casualties reported as result of coalition artillery shelling on Musa Street in port area
1 year ago
Houthis have destroyed military vehicle of Arab coalition at Abwab al Hadid
The Arab Coalition: Houthi militias used old pictures in their claims of dropping an UAV
The Arab Coalition: Al-Houthi militia claim of the dropping of an unmanned UAV aircraft is unfounded
The Arab Coalition: Houthi militia losses on the ground are driving them to fabricate false media victories
The Arab Coalition: All attempts by hostile Houthi militias will be doomed to failure
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