21 September 2021
The Yemeni government calls on the international community to classify the Houthi militia as a terrorist group
Yemeni Prime Minister: Our information indicates that Iranian experts were preparing to attack Aden airport
The Yemeni government pledges to work to restore stability in the wake of the attack on Aden airport
Head of the United Nations Mission for the Hodeidah Agreement: Targeting Aden is an attack on peace in Yemen
New footage of the missile attack on adenairport yesterday
Yemen: Ansar Allah announces 3 new raids by Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Rayma Hamid area in Sanhan district, Sana'a governorate8 month ago
Yemen: Ansar Allah announces 3 new raids by Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Rayma Hamid area in Sanhan district, Sana'a governorate
8 month ago
Arab coalition raids target Houthi sites in Rima Hamid and Sanhan, south of Sanaa
A raid by the Arab coalition warplanes on Sanaa International Airport
8 month ago
Yemen: Ansar Allah confirms air raids by Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Rayma Hamid area in Sanhan district, Sana'a governorate
Yemeni Minister of Health: 25 dead and 110 injured in the outcome of the bombings that took place at Aden airport
Yemen: Ansar Allah claims to have suffered 19 airstrikes from Saudi Arabia: * Hodeidah - 11 UAV raids on Al Fazah
Yemeni Minister of Information: The Houthis' crimes of targeting journalists have exceeded what ISIS and Al Qaeda committed
Yemeni Minister of Information: Targeting airports, facilities, and civilians is the behavior of the Houthi militia
Yemeni Minister of Information: One dead and about 10 media professionals were wounded in the attack on Aden airport
Yemen: Video which documents the trajectory of the projectiles which targeted Aden international airport during the arrival of the new Hadi government supported by Saudi Arabia. tweet corrected "missiles" replaced by "projectiles"
The Yemeni Foreign Ministry: The militias are still targeting the government's headquarters in Qasr Al-Masheeq with drones, which confirms that their position is against peace and the will of the Yemeni people
Brigadier General Al-Maliki: The Iranian-backed Houthi militia is responsible for the Aden airport attack
Brigadier General Al-Maliki: The attempt to target Al-Masheeq Palace confirms Al-Houthi's responsibility for the Aden attack
The Red Cross in Yemen: One of our crew members was killed, another wounded, and 3 others were missing
Saudi media: Destruction of a Houthi drone that tried to target Al-Masheeq Palace in Aden
The Yemeni correspondent of Balqis TV was killed in the Aden airport explosions
The Yemeni Ministry of Interior accuses the Houthis of being behind the Aden airport bombings
The UAE strongly condemns the attack that targeted Aden Airport
Terrifying screams of Adeni journalist @alyafuadm as she runs from the explosion with other journalists who were there to cover the arrival of the new government
Al-Arabiya Correspondent: Intercepting and destroying a drone bomb in the vicinity of Al-Masheeq Palace
Yemeni medical sources: The death toll from the Aden airport attack has risen to 26
8 month ago
Explosion heard around Maasheq palace where Yemen cabinet was transferred after Aden airport attack: residents
VIDEO 8: Another footage from today's attack at Aden Int'l Airport
Death toll in Yemen's Aden attack rises to 26, among the victims are local officials
The President of the United Nations General Assembly condemns the attack on Aden airport after the arrival of the new Yemeni government
The Deputy Minister of Public Works and Roads, Yasmine Al-Awadi, was killed in the Aden bombings
Yemen: Video showing missiles flying in the sky towards Aden airport where the reception of members of the new Hadi government, returning from Saudi Arabia, was held. Ballistic missile attack is a modus operandi regularly used by the Houti
Yemen: Explosion at Aden airport reportedly left at least 16 dead, 60 injured, Yemeni health official says
Medical sources for Al-Jazeera: The Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Major General Muhammad Musaed Al-Amir, was injured in the Aden bombings
Sources in the Southern Transitional Council: The number of dead in the Aden bombings reached 13, and the wounded 65, and the number is increasing
A representative of the Red Cross is among those injured in the Aden airport bombing
Yemen: Yara Khaweja, ICRC spokesperson in Yemen, is among the injured. Video documenting the timing of the attack on Aden airport, where 3 explosions were reported after new members of the Hadi government arrived by plane, returning from Saudi Arabia
The director of the Transitional Council's Mansoura Prison in Aden was killed, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport was wounded by the airport explosions
The Arab League: The bombing is a cowardly terrorist act aimed at sabotaging the Riyadh Agreement
The Saudi ambassador to Yemen: Targeting the Yemeni government upon its arrival at Aden airport is a cowardly terrorist act
The Houthi Political Bureau: We have nothing to do with the Aden attack, and our accusation is a repeated attempt to plunge us into the mercenary struggle
Yemen: At least 5 were reported killed and more than 20 injured in several explosions 3 at Aden airport, including the undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Rights in the government Hadi. The cause of the blasts remains to be specified (mortar / drone)
Al-Arabiya Correspondent Radfan Al-Dibis: The explosion was caused by the fall of three shells at the airport gate, killing and wounding people.
Al-Arabiya sources: Initial information about a drone used in the attack on Aden airport
The explosions in Aden may have been caused by explosive UAV or mortar shells
The moment the Yemeni government targeted upon its arrival at Aden airport, shortly before
A large number of dead and wounded at the reception hall of Aden Airport in mortar attack
Aden airport attacked by three mortars, there are casualties: Arab media
3 explosions, cause mortar shells, targeted Aden airport
The explosion targeted the arrival hall at Aden airport, before the new Yemeni government ministers got off the plane
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