Map. History of Yemen conflict

25 9月 2018

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8 月 前
Nasrallah: Regarding Yemen, it looks like war will continue and there is no possibility of political solution due to Saudi position.
Maliki: Coalition forces have progress on several axis
Al-Maliki: Reports of the UN coordinator are baseless
8 月 前
"Yemeni Legitimate Forces" with support from the Arab coalition cut off the supply line of Houthi militias between Taiz and Hodeidah south of the city of Hays
8 月 前
Norway officially decides to stop exporting arms to the UAE because of its participation in the Yemen war
8 月 前
Yemeni snipers kill four Saudi soldiers in Kingdom's Jizan region
Houthi Navy seized autonomous spy underwater vehicle
Arab Coalition countries will remain in hearts of Yemeni people: Hadi
At least 10 women killed in latest Saudi airstrike on Yemen's Hudaydah.
In today's press gaggle, @barbarastarrcnn asks SecDef Mattis what his assessment is on Saudi Arabia's air campaign in Yemen.
US Defense Sec. #Mattis: We will continue to work with Saudi pilots to improve their ability to identify and bombard targets
Mattis: The killing of any civilian in Yemen tragedy and Washington committed to the highest standards to prevent the deaths
U.S. Secretary of Defense told reporters that America will work to reduce the number of civilian casualties from the Saudi-led coalition bombing campaign in Yemen by training coalition pilots how to better identify targets.
The 2nd part of report and footage of an attack for Yemen-i Military Forces and the Yemeni Tribal resistance, which are backed by the Saudi and UAE Led Arabic Coalition, against the Iran-Backed Houthi militants, in Al-Houj area
Houthi commander Abu Ibtisam al-Saadawi at the front of Numan in Al-Bayda
Saudi-led air raids kill 68 Yemen civilians in one day: UN
Saudi-backed forces: The control of the two districts of Nata and Nu'man in al-Bayda from the militias has been completed
Funerals in Yemen for some of the people killed yesterday in Taiz market massacre, 113 yemeni civilians were killed in the last 48 hours in 4 cities during Saudi air strikes , but many women and children were killed in the Taiz market
40 Huthis killed, including field commanders in the province of Dali
VIDEO: 24 hours after intercepting the Iranian-supplied (to Houthis) ballistic missile over Riyadh in December 19th, the RSAF identified an entrance of an underground missile storage site (7m x 42m) near the launch location and carried out airstrikes
Report and footage showing logistic supply and military preparation for Yemeni Military Forces and the Yemeni Tribal resistance, which are backed by the Saudi and UAE Led Arabic Coalition, for an attack against the Iran-Backed Houthi militants, in Al-Houj area
Al-Maliki: Some areas where the Houthi militia were hiding have been shelled with ballistic missiles
Coalition: Coalition operations targeting Houthi militia positions near the Saudi border
Coalition: aerial photos showing Houthi militia carrying Strela-2 MANPADS
Coalition: Weapons seized from al-Huthi militias is from Iran
Maliki: We welcome the positions issued by the Security Council condemning the firing of Houthi militias ballistic missiles
Spokesman for the Arab Coalition Turki al-Maliki: We call on all parties to abide by international resolutions to prevent arms smuggling to Yemen
9 月 前
Somaliland suspends building of UAE military base in Berbera, days after Houthi rebels threatened to bomb on Hargeisa town
Saudi air raid on a residential area in Yemen's Hudaida leaves five civilians killed
The Saudi Ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Al Jaber: The military leadership that was under the leadership of the late President Saleh cooperates closely with the Arab Alliance
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