Map. History of Yemen conflict

21 September 2017
Saudi-backed Yemeni forces drop two Houthis unmanned surveillance aircraft for the rebels in the provinces of Lahj and Sanaa
643251 is the latest number of Cholera cases in Yemen
UN Human Rights: Yemen: Coalition airstrikes continue to be the leading cause of civilian casualties, including of children
4 children were killed by a shell fired by the Houthis on the city of Taiz
This was the moment of Houthis shell that targetted civilians neighberhood in Taiz and killed 4 children and 10 injured
In new message Zawahiri addresses jihad in Islamic Maghreb, East Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and Arabian Peninsula, but not Syria.
12 civilians were killed in a raid of the Arab coalition targeted a car west of Marib
Eyewitnesses: Apache helicopters belonging to the UAE bombing positions of the presidential protection forces east of Aden
Houthi: We have unmanned aircraft flying hundreds of kilometers inside the KSA, and soon, they will be armed
Abdulmalik Badruddin Al-Houthi: We are working on developing missile capabilities to reach any target in Saudi Arabia and the UAE
Houthi: All companies in the UAE should not consider the UAE as a safe country anymore
Abdulmalek Badruddin Al-Houthi: The UAE is in the range of our missiles
Saudi Arabia Coalition: the plane in Abyan has crashed due to technical failure
Arab coalition announced Saudi aircraft crashed in Abyan, Yemen. Pilot was killed
Saudi Arabia says it is not the right time to form an independent international commission of inquiry in Yemen
In new msg, AQAP chief bomb-maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri celebrates 9-11 anniversary, promises ongoing war with US
Pro-AQAP wires claim that AQAP will release a new video in which bombmaker Ibrahim Asiri discusses SEP 11's alleged historical impact on US
17 months after being abducted by ISIS, Kerala Priest Tom Uzhunnalil rescued from Yemen.
Saudi-led air strikes which killed 26 children in Yemen in June amount to war crimes, Human Rights Watch says
SaudiArabia says it has arrested Saudis and foreigners who worked for foreign parties against Kingdom's interests and security.
2 Yemen-i suicide bombers behind the alleged terror attack on the Saudi Arabia Defense Ministry
UAE: a pilot killed after his plane crashed because of technical malfunction in Yemen
Civilian death toll in Yemen tops 5,000: UN
WHO: Yemen's cholera caseload passes 600,000, still increasing by about 3,000 per day.
United Nations: Arab coalition raids the main cause of child injuries in Yemen
AQAP claims 2 rockets fired at Yemen government buildings in Rada' city 19.27 last night (58% of alQaeda ops this year are in al-Bayda')
Former Yemen president Saleh says all is well between him and Houthis, contrary to what he himself suggested 2 weeks ago
Yemeni forces launch missile attack on SaudiArabia’s military base in the Kingdom’s Jizan region.
Saudi coalition: the killing of 7 soldiers and wounding 11 others in the rocket attack of Houthis targeted their position in the Sarawah, Marib governorate during the performance of the Eid prayer
Saudi-led Coalition destroys a ballistic missile launcher in Hajjah Governorate, Yemen