24 July 2024
The Houthi group: We targeted the American ship "Chem Ranger" with missiles in the Gulf of Aden
6 month ago
UKMTO has received a report of 4 unidentified Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) flying close to a merchant vessel 85NM South East of Ash Shibt, Yemen. 1 UAV hitting the water in close proximity to the vessel. Coalition forces responding
6 month ago
British Maritime Authority: A new attack on a ship off the port of Al-Shihr in Hadhramaut Governorate
Houthis spokesman: We affirm freedom of navigation for all ships except Israeli ships heading to the ports of Palestine
6 month ago
CENTCOM:U.S. CENTCOM Destroys Houthi Militants' Anti-Ship Missiles. As part of ongoing multi-national efforts to protect freedom of navigation and prevent attacks on maritime vessels in the Red Sea, on Jan. 18 U.S. Central Command forces conducted strikes on two Houthi anti-ship missiles that were aimed into the Southern Red Sea and were prepared to launch. U.S. forces identified the missiles in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen at approximately 3:40 p.m. (Sanaa time) and determined they were an imminent threat to merchant vessels and U.S. Navy ships in the region. U.S. forces subsequently struck and destroyed the missiles in self-defense
Houthi official: U.S. and Britain launched 13 missiles in raids on Yemen last night
The U.S. has carried out a 5th round of strikes on the Houthi's since last Thursday. Today, the U.S. targeted & destroyed 2 Houthi anti-ship missiles staged to launch at commercial ships. This is after the Houthi's successfully hit two U.S. owned commercial vessels this week
Two soldiers from the Southern forces were killed and one soldier was injured in a Houthi attack by a drone in the northern of Al-Dhalea
6 month ago
Iranian Navy Commander: The Alborz destroyer is in the Red Sea to escort Iranian commercial ships and oil tankers
Houthi: It is a great honor for our people to be in confrontation with the evil trio of Israel, U.S. and Britain
Leader of the Houthis Houthi group: The aggression against Gaza is a crime, even if the Americans and the British deny it
6 month ago
Yemeni Foreign Minister to Al Arabiya Net: Washington returning the Houthis to the terrorist list is a serious step to hold them accountable
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Returning the Houthis to the terrorist list is an unconstructive measure by Washington and raises tensions
@CENTCOM confirms strikes targeted 14 Iran-backed Houthi missiles on launch rails in Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen. "These missiles presented an imminent threat to merchant vessels and U.S. Navy ships in the region and could have been fired at any time"
6 month ago
Saada: Airstrikes targeted Jabal al-Sama’, west of the city of Saada, and the Takhiya area in Majz District
Reuters: The United States carried out another round of strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen on Wednesday
6 month ago
Airstrikes targets areas in Dhamar, Al-Hudaydah, Saada, Taiz, and Al-Bayda
Airstrikes reported at Dhamar town
6 month ago
CENTCOM:At approximately 8:30 pm (Sanaa time) Jan. 17, an assessed one-way attack UAS was launched from Houthi controlled areas in Yemen and struck M/V Genco Picardy in the Gulf of Aden. M/V Genco Picardy is a Marshall Islands flagged, U.S. owned and operated bulk carrier ship. There were no injuries and some damage reported. M/V Genco Picardy is seaworthy and continuing underway
Houthis carried out a targeting operation against the American ship (GENCO Picardy) in the Gulf of Aden with a several of adequate naval missiles, leaving direct hits, - group statement
.@DeptofDefense assesses its airstrikes vs Houthi targets in Yemen last week "had impact" per @PentagonPresSec But he does not elaborate
6 month ago
British Maritime Trade Operations Authority: A drone targeted a ship 60 nautical miles southeast of Aden in Yemen
Member of the Houthi Political Bureau: We are open to peace in the region
Member of the Houthi Political Bureau: The U.S. classification has no significant impact
Houthi spokesman Muhammad Abdul Salam: The American classification has no value and will not deter us from our positions with Palestine
US State Department: If the Houthis stop their attacks in the Red Sea, Washington will consider lifting this classification
U.S. official: We are committed to supporting the efforts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the United Nations to reach a permanent ceasefire in Yemen
Secretary Blinken: At the WEF24, I spoke with UK Foreign Secretary @David_Cameron to discuss efforts to support Ukraine and promote a more secure, stable, and peaceful future for the Middle East region
U.S. official: Houthi attacks on U.S. forces and ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden "a literal definition of terrorism."
Senior US administration official: Washington classifies the Houthis in Yemen as "global terrorists"
U.S. official: Classifying the Houthis as a terrorist group will affect Iran
The US designates the Yemen's Houthis as a "Specially Designated Global Terrorist" group amid Red Sea attacks. Stops short of FTO label, as some in Congress has advocated but which aid groups said would hinder their work
Presidential Command Council in Yemen: What Britain and America are doing against the Houthis is "required"
Reuters: Aramco CEO says it is possible to deal with attacks in the Red Sea in the short term