21 July 2024
7 month ago
The Pentagon: The MV Central Park oil tanker is currently safe after American and coalition forces responded to a distress call from it.
7 month ago
Two senior US officials tell @JenGriffinFNC that Houthi forces in Yemen launched two ballistic missiles at the destroyer USS Mason in the Gulf of Aden this evening, both missiles fell short and landed in the waters in the Gulf of Aden
UKMTO are aware of reports of a possible attack heard over VHF in position 1209N 04416E 53NM south west of Aden, Yemen
7 month ago
AP, according to an American official: A container ship owned by an Israeli businessman was attacked on a cruise in the Indian Ocean
8 month ago
The US Navy shot down multiple one-way attack drones launched from areas in Yemen controlled by Iran-backed Houthis on Thursday morning local time, US @CENTCOM said."The drones were shot down while the US warship was on patrol in the Red Sea.
The Houthi group announces that it fired a batch of missiles towards military sites in the Israeli city of Eilat
8 month ago
IDF says a fighter jet shot down a cruise missile over the Red Sea, near Eilat.
The Iran-backed Houthi terrorist movement warned that it would continue its attacks until the 'demise of Israel' after the Houthis seized an Israel-i-linked ship in the Red Sea
US State Department: The hijacking of a ship in the Red Sea by the Houthis is a "flagrant" violation of international law
Yemen's Minister of Information: The Houthis' hijacking of the ship "Galaxy Leader" is a terrorist act
8 month ago
Owner of the ship held by the Houthis: Armed men carried out an illegal landing from a helicopter on the deck of the ship on November 19.
8 month ago
Shipowner of Galaxy Leader: Detention of the ship is a flagrant violation of freedom of navigation
Owner of the ship Galaxy Leader: The ship is currently detained in the port of Hodeidah
Borrell: Houthi actions pose a threat to maritime safety
Following the hijacking of a ship today, Houthi spokesperson says the following types of ships will be targeted: Ships carrying Israeli flags. Ships operated by Israeli companies and ships owned by Israeli companies
The Israeli Army: The hijacking of the transport ship by the Houthis is considered a serious incident on a global level
8 month ago
Sources for the Lebanese al-Mayadeen: 52 people were arrested on board the Israeli-owned ship
Arabic-language media outlets report that a partially Israeli-owned shipping vessel, GALAXY LEADER, was hijacked by Yemen's Houthis in the Red Sea. Israeli media reports say there are no Israelis among the 22 crew8 month ago
Arabic-language media outlets report that a partially Israeli-owned shipping vessel, GALAXY LEADER, was hijacked by Yemen's Houthis in the Red Sea. Israeli media reports say there are no Israelis among the 22 crew
8 month ago
Report: A Houthi militia hijacked an Israeli-owned cargo ship
8 month ago
@Centcom says USS Thomas Hudner "engaged a drone that originated from Yemen and was heading in the direction of the ship" while transiting international waters of the Red Sea. The Hudner's crew shot it down. There were no US casualties or any damage to the ship
8 month ago
A missile was intercepted over the Red Sea, believed to have been launched from Yemen
Armed Forces of Yemen’s Houthis: We will not hesitate to target any Israeli ship in the Red Sea or any place we can reach, starting from the moment this statement is announced. We fired ballistic missiles toward Eilat
8 month ago
Arrow air defense system intercepted a missile fired at Israel, over the Red Sea, the Israeli army says. The projectile, thought to have been fired from Yemen, did not enter Israeli airspace
Houthis warn Israeli-owned ships in the Red Sea will be targeted
Reuters: The Houthis say they will continue to attack Israel and search for its ships in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait
Confirmed: Live network data show a major internet outage on Yemen's Houthi-controlled YemenNet telco; the incident has knocked the operator offline, leaving overall national connectivity at 33% of ordinary levels
8 month ago
Israeli army says it intercepted a "suspicious target" in the Arabah region in southern Israel using the Patriot air defense system. The target did not enter Israeli airspace, according to the Israeli army
Houthis Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saree: We fired a batch of ballistic missiles at various sensitive targets of the enemy Israeli entity in the southern territories, including military targets in Eilat
Initial reports of an explosion heard and surface-to-air missile launch again near Eilat in southern Israel
Another video from Eilat. Reports indicate they were from Yemen